Meet your coach

Michael Bulloch

For 30 years I’ve run the gamut in leading and consulting to businesses ranging from pre-launch to multinationals and as an integral part of multiple successful growth/transformation ventures.

I’ve been a lifelong student of human performance and competitive amateur athlete. As an adult, I took up ultra-endurance events and crucible-style training run by special forces military veterans.

Many career soldiers come out and make exceptional business leaders, but very few have racked up decades applying best practices in top global corporations. Not many executives are willing to get out of their comfort zone and go learn from the badass protectors who thrive at the tip of the spear. Those guys can be uniquely effective at training team, culture, communication, and resilience…through a gritty, often painful process!

Business stress and crises led me to study, adopt, and teach breath and meditation practices that help develop powerful intuition and enhanced emotional intelligence.

Across all the training and success, the truth is that most of the lessons learned have come the hard way – with bad bosses and business failures! In my coaching, I offer extreme transparency into my own history of wins, failures, and lessons and I bring tools, methods, and metrics used by the best in the world – strategy consultants, MBAs, Lean Manufacturing, EOS, and elite special operators.

All of my experiences combine into an extremely unique skillset and mindset to benefit your business. I bring world-class corporate leadership along with tactical precision and teamwork. And, I’ve found the three most important areas in any business that need focus to not only grow profit but, even more importantly freedom, fulfillment, vitality, and health.

With these tools and in a short amount of time, we will assess the current state of your business, diagnose gaps and barriers, and roadmap milestones to next-level operational excellence and autonomy.

Ready to unlock your full potential?

Ready to unlock your full potential?