Real People. Real Results.

Ryan G.

CEO and Investor

Despite a highly successful entrepreneurial career and investment portfolio, I still felt obliged to the same treadmill…to clients, partners, and a business that are amazing but not aligned to the impact I envision leaving in the world.

Michael helped to interrupt old patterns and enhance my daily routine with new tools, techniques, accountability, and powerful conversations.

Now I’m taking a mindset of courage and abundance into helping under-resourced children in my community and internationally overcome barriers to thrive in education, health, and business.

Irfan M.

Computer Science Engineer

I’ve been around some impressive people – any of us in top-performing companies and careers have. Nevertheless, I’m consistently impressed by the level of performance, energy, and commitment Michael has tapped into and is able to inspire in me. I can’t tell you how many coaching conversations have ended in tears of excitement.

Over the last year or more working together I’ve improved relationships at home, my health and fitness, have learned to say ‘no’ at work, and have launched a new business to educate and inspire the next generation.

Gaetano D.

Reformed CPA

I was miserable in a career that I had defaulted into based on the opinions of others – family, partners, school counselors – but not true to myself.

Working with Michael to create space, perspective, and awareness I rediscovered my passion for the creative arts and am now living my purpose as a musician, actor, and stuntman.

Marc O.

Software Engineer

Having worked in the fast-paced, demanding, and relentless Silicon Valley industry for one of the largest tech companies in the world, I was in serious need of a mental and physical reset. I sought out a coach that could give me the edge I needed to not only survive and succeed but thrive. 

Michael amazed me with his positive mindset and compassion for helping me become a better person. His holistic approach introduced tactical methods to help me de-stress, get refocused, and improve my overall physical condition, which took my professional performance to new levels. He surpassed my expectations in every way. Highly recommend taking the journey!

Ready to unlock your full potential?

Ready to unlock your full potential?